au marche!

June 6, 2016

to the market 


One very exciting aspect of opening a shop is the essential need for merchandise. In March, Walter and I made a quick trip to Provence and Paris to meet with different exporters of French goods. With the help of our new friends in France, we have found some wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces, along with a great selection from companies who have never exported to the states before! Here are some pictures from our trip..and if you look closely you will find a sneak peak of some of the unique items that we will have for you in Hahira (No jet lag with a trip to see us!) 



 Selecting the perfect scents with David Delebarre and Dana Muriel (owner) at the headquarters of Secret D'apothicaire in Paris. 


 Frédérique Crestin-Billet, owner of Maison Sajou... She has the loveliest collection of sewing accessories we have ever seen!


 Phillipe Chupin helped us compile an exquisite order from his handcrafted collection at the Siecle showroom in Paris... We had so much fun, we returned for a 2nd visit!


We were awestruck with the selection of gorgeous fabrics at Orsel Garden showroom!




 Taking a picnic break with our dear friend Marie Ange of Au Bon Chateau.



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