des résultats inattendus

July 30, 2016

unexpected results 


Katie and I were feeling quite emboldened after our successful attempt at soufflé making. Rashly, we decided to cook a 5 course meal for friends and family. We learned a very valuable lesson... Our talents lie in setting a pretty table. 

 We got off to a great start with a trip to the Farmer's Market for some beautiful produce. We then made our way to Publix to purchase our beef tenderloins. The guys in the meat department could not have been any nicer to us inexperienced buyers.

Armed with all the necessary ingredients to create boeuf en croûte we went straight to work. We had to make a dough using salt, flour and herbs in which to bake the tenderloin.

Confidence still intact, we wrapped up our filet like a giant pig in a blanket and popped him in the oven! Our spirits began to plummet when our real chef/dear friend Cristen Story stopped by to check on us (why she didn't come by sooner we'll never know). "Girls, where is your meat thermometer?" delivered a crushing blow to our self esteem.

Never underestimate the importance of gathering all the proper cooking utensils. All was not completely lost... At least our cream of carrot soup was well received by our guests!

 Meanwhile, at Katie's dinner party...She had an especially unexpected result. Matt surprised her cooking efforts with a very important question! What a lovely couple and a gorgeous ring (Susie has been trying it on already). 


We wish Matt and Katie much happiness and joy, or as our friend Marie Ange would say,

"beaucoup de bonheaur et de joie!" 


Maybe the overcooked meat wasn't as wretched as we thought.. 

Either way, we have decided to stay out of the kitchen for the next few days (...weeks).





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