l'art est l' alphabétisation du cœur

August 5, 2016

art is the literacy of the heart 


Katie and I both love to read... magazines, novels, coffee table books, blogs - we adore them all! It is so fun swapping books back and forth and discussing our favorites. Needless to say, we had a blast picking out books for the store!

 We have utilized the services of three different publishing houses to compile a great selection for all age groups. Special thanks to Charlotte at Phaidon for letting us take over her booth in Atlanta and showing us all her personal favorites (they're our favorites now, too)!

One exceptional pick was Parish-Hadley Tree of Life. We chose it for the beautiful pictures and then read it cover to cover. Especially interesting was reading all about each designer and what they learned while working under the leadership of Mrs. Parish and Mr. Hadley. Mr. Hadley was known for bringing something unusual and unexpected to every project. By mixing old with new, abstracts with antiques, he was able to create unique and personal rooms. 

 We are looking forward to mixing in some of Walt's new artwork with our store's French antiques. We just picked this one up from Johnson's Frame Shop. Walter was inspired to paint after a week long stay in Honfleur. The views of the water from our room at Ferme Saint Simeon were entrancing. Monet painted here during the 1860's, producing an amazing collection. Many of these can be viewed today at the the Musee d'Orsay in Paris. (Maybe Walt will need to schedule a return visit.. I know Susie won't complain)!

We hope to have an updated picture of our shop for you by Monday - our painters arrive Saturday at 8 AM. We are getting closer and closer to the finish line!    



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