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O U R   T E A M

Behind every a+b, etc. experience is a

highly talented, dedicated team. These are just a few of the many creative people who make the magic happen 

Walter Altman, AIA                              Keith Barrett, AIA

Owner, Principal Architect                        Owner, Principal Architect

Susie Altman                                        Nicholas Ekblaw

Owner, CEO                                            Executive Chef

Katie Smith                                           Matthew Russ

Buyer, Operations Manager                       Sous Chef


Lucy Altman                                                     


our story

A+B, Etc. is a uniquely elegant retail shop, event space and part-time restaurant all-in-one. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or the perfect place to celebrate, we are here to help you do so in true Parisian chic style!

When moving Altman+Barrett Architects to Hahira in 2014, Walter and his business parter, Keith also purchased the adjoining building, not knowing then exactly what they would do with the space.  The architects’ creative brains quickly went to work, finalizing their plans for what is now A+B, Etc.


Susie and Walter together enjoy traveling as a hobby. Walter is an astonishing artist, often painting his way through each trip abroad. Susie is an avid antiques collector and wine connoisseur, now using their travels as research and buying for the business. Upon getting lost in Paris in 2015, Susie stumbled across a beautiful old building (ironically, also called A&B) and it was love at first sight! It was exactly as she envisioned Walter’s idea, ultimately coming to life almost two years later in Hahira, Georgia! 


W H A T  P E O P L E  S A Y

"Wow!  Everything about this business is amazing.  We wanted to try this place for the food.  I stumbled on a picture of the cuisine one day by accident.  Had never even heard of the place.

All the staff here are so nice and amazing.  They greeted us from the moment we walked in.  I had spoken to the owner on Facebook when I was making the reservation and told her that we had a 5 week old baby and thought I might be bringing him.  We needed up having Mom babysit so we could have a date.  At least two employees asked about my son and why we didn't bring him.  We felt almost like we were family right from the start.  I can't wait to come back when they do another meal in a couple weeks!"

- Scott K. excerpt from Yelp review

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