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Van Dog, a painter, rides to the countryside to paint a landscape. Early in the morning, he puts up an easel in a meadow, mixes paints, and quietly contemplates the scenery. Meanwhile, grassland slowly comes to life. A snail nibbles on a mushroom for breakfast, ants gather to work, children play soccer, and a giant lizard monster sets off on a journey to Tokyo. 

A lot is going on in the meadow: sheep gnaw the grass, people always hurry somewhere, aliens study the terrestrial species of plants and animals. As the day progresses, the area becomes busier and busier. A musical parade of creatures appears out of nowhere, and a long queue sets up when an ice cream cart arrives. A huge, dove-hearted monkey looks for her friend but gets preoccupied with a beautiful sunset.

Amid all these events, the determined artist struggles to finish his picture. Is he overwhelmed by all this chaos? Or perhaps the richness of meadow life is precisely the subject of his art?

Book: Van Dog

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